Yandex Practicum

Practicum — an educational environment in which your learning process is based on real situations. You will learn programming and code writing from the first lesson; in design classes, you work with real layouts, and in English classes you will immediately start talking.
The environment is originally designed for online learning - you will need a computer and a quiet place where you will not be distracted. Selfstudy is combined with regular communication with mentors and the opportunity to talk with support. Any problem can be solved immediately.
Everything is arranged in a way that you do not leave on halfway. 70% of our students complete the course they started and soon find a job or start using English in their everyday lives. These statistics reflect our idea that everyone should get tangible, practical benefits from education.
Technology helps make learning easy for you. All parts of the course are collected on one site. No need to switch and be distracted by something else. Courses are tailored to your level of knowledge. 



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