Electron schools

eMekdep – This is an online system whose main purpose is to improve the quality of education through the use of information and telecommunication technologies:
  • Promoting learning and management processes (sequences), as well as improving the effectiveness of educational institutions;
  • Improving the educational work of teachers and parents; and improving access to education. This system facilitates the following school management and digitization activities:
  • Keeping students' electronic diaries;
  • Maintain classroom teacher journals;
  • Provide parents with information on student engagement and achievement;
  • To provide communication services;
  • Reporting to teachers and management;
  • Ability to view the lesson plan;
  • Give teachers the opportunity to assign homework to students and monitor its implementation;
  • Identification of ways to improve efficiency and performance indicators to improve the quality of education
Network address in Ashgabat-  mekdep.edu.tm
Network address in Akhal velayat -  ah.mekdep.edu.tm
Network address in Mary velayat-  www.mekdep.edu.tm
Network address in Lebap velayat -  www.mekdep.edu.tm
Network address in Dashoguz velayat -  www.mekdep.edu.tm
Network address in Balkan province -  www.mekdep.edu.tm



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